Project Management

NMS provides comprehensive construction & project management services throughout the full life cycle of the project to yield the greatest possible benefits to our customers. From pre-construction execution planning and constructibility during front-end design and detailed engineering and implementation of safety and quality processes of construction phase and commissioning through to the development of procedures and manuals in handing over, we have established ourselves as a local leader in construction services. 

We offer advanced work packaging to improve productivity, quality management, contracts development and administration, procurement and material handling, HSE management, commissioning and start-up support. Our offerings have established work processes, procedures and guidelines that enable us to provide consistent high-performance construction execution.

The key to our successful history in construction execution is flexibility. Not constrained by any company model, we consider each opportunity a stand-alone effort, which requires a unique approach to the construction of the project. We understand that every project faces different challenges and changes and provide our customers with the confidence that we can adapt to a changing environment.