Procurement policy

Basic procurement policy

Newcom Mining Services LLC is committed to reducing its impact on the environment, reducing the company’s costs and ensuring its efficiency and accountability, as well as conducting open, transparent and fair principles of mutually beneficial cooperation with suppliers.

Supplier requirements

We have the following requirements for suppliers:

  • The supplier and it’s sub-contractors will be able to agree and adapt on the Company’s procurement policies and procedures.
  • Adhere strictly to laws, rules and regulations and work ethics in business.
  • Supplier services shall not affect negatively or must be at the lowest possible level to environment. 
  • Adhere strictly to work safety regulations and rules.
  • Supplier shall have the technical, technological and other resources available to supply goods and services to Mongolia and to meet the international quality requirements and standards.
  • Have the resources and capabilities to supply products and services to meet the quality requirements of the company. Supply product and services at competitive prices.
Procurement procedure

Purchasing will be carried out in an open, fair environment based on price competitiveness and the overall benefits of the products and services offered. Depending on price thresholds, the Finance department will choose one of the procedures, set out below, to select a supplier to provide the goods and services required.

 Procurement procedure  Local procurement cost
 1  Direct purchasing  1 MNT – 1.99 mil. MNT
 2  Comparison  2 mil. – 50 mil. MNT
 3  Tender qualification  more than 50 mil. MNT
 4  Special case  Threshold does not apply
  1. Direct purchasing (1 MNT – 1.99 mil MNT) method will be used when a purchase contract is made directly with one supplier, without any competition.
  2. Comparison method (2 mil. – 49.99 mil. MNT) is used to request price and technical proposals from a minimum of 3 authorized suppliers that meet the product/service requirements from the procurement database. A purchasing decision will be made after comparing the price and technical proposals from these suppliers.
  3. Tender qualification method (more than 50 mil. MNT) is applied when a Selection committee is formed by the management and carries out the purchasing decisions based on the supplier selection criteria.
  4. Special-case purchases are (not subject to price thresholds) made from one supplier due to special circumstances as described in the purchasing procedures.